Michael Jackson Graffiti homage

29 06 2009

stylespion - Flickr

Whilst cruising on my narrow boat, i spotted a recent work of graffiti art on the Limehouse Cut  on Sunday 29th June – 4 days after he died.

RIP Michael "Slippy Fist" Jackson

RIP Michael "Slippy Fist" Jackson


Freestyle Football

16 05 2009

Today i’ve been reporting for Earth TV (a Japanese show i do about London’s art/music/fashion/trend scene) on the topic of Freestyle Football.

I got to meet a group of the UK’s rising talent and interview Oli Hayes – the guy who had arranged the South Bank meet-up.

We got some amazing shots of the freestylers in action and particularly with an awesome slow-mo effect on Rio (my director/cameraman)’s latest camera purchase.

South Bank skate and graffiti

South Bank skate and graffiti

We started out by the London Eye with some great views to match the great tricks.  It being London though – it wasn’t long before it rained, so we headed down to the skate park and seriously impressed some of the graf artists whilst getting the rest of the shots and the interview!

I’ll post some video clips later this week, once we digitize the material – but i’m so impatient i just wanted to get something posted tonight.

This summer look out for specific Freestyle events in London AND don’t be surprised if other urban sports start receiving big brand interest.  Today’s meet-up was keenly observed by a Nike rep and i think he was pretty keen to bring this -and other – buzzing underground scenes to the fore.

Next stop Roller Derby [hint]

Flàшэd Саряi (aka HºtИât)

Kick, Flick, Trick

Kick, Flick, Trick