Mini Cinema

17 05 2009

pedrosimoes7 - Flickr
Each month, in a North London bar, a group of film-lovers get together in celebration of feel-good viewing.

Organized by Miss Hannah Linnen (who puts on a DJ set afters and cooks fresh popcorn befores) Mini Cinema is the perfect antidote to the multiplex AND even cheaper than Orange Wednesday!
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Hama Beads

12 05 2009

andyhay - Flickr

With the economy in freefall and the future looking bleak – it’s no surprise that people are going back to a time of simpler pleasures.

Hama Beads are small plastic beads that you arrange into a particular design.  Once happy with said design – you then run a hot iron over them which sticks the beads together.  After that you then have your plastic design which you can wear round your neck, on a keychain – wherever.  In itself it doesn’t sound that exciting – but people are getting really excited by these plastic, pixel-thingys. Have a look at some great Hama Bead designs that are available to buy.
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