12 07 2009

jimf0390 - Flickr
I finally got around to uploading these extra pics of artist Edgar Mueller and his 3D art at Docklands.

After i posted the original blog entry about Mueller’s 3D pavement art i went back the following day to see how he was getting along.  Click on the link below to see fab pics of Edgar Mueller at work
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Floating Theatre – Fous de Bassin

27 06 2009

Canon in 2D - Flickr
I saw the most amazing performance last night – called Fous de Bassin. It was a half hour show, on water, by a French theatre company called Ilotopie. I’ve not seen anything like it but i definitely hope to see more. The video is some highlights of the show, cut to the music by Phil Spectrum which accompanies the actual spectacle.   I filmed some video of the Fous de Bassin in Docklands
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3D Art

21 06 2009

jimf0390 - Flickr

Today, whilst walking through West India Quay in Docklands, i met 3D artist Edgar Mueller.  He was busily working on his street painting of The Cave.

“Scientists have been baffled by the appearance of a mysterious cave at West India Quay (London). It is believed that a light earthquake unearthed the cave which is estimated to be over 10 million years old. Initial investigations have releaved that its lake is likely to be fed by the waters of the River Thames but cannot explain the intense glow of green lights emitting from its depths. Scientists now hope to uncover some of its secrets.”

(From Edgar Mueller’s website)

Keep reading to see examples of Edgar Mueller in action and also MORE 3D Art in London by Joe Hill & Max Lowry…

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