HotSpots in Wonderland

27 11 2009

Ice-skating, German sausages, wooden trinkets, funfairs and death slides – just a few of my favourite things and all of them available at the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

I haven’t had a chance to check it out this year but last year i reported on it for the London Lite (RIP) and it’s definitely a HotSpot (or should that be Cool Spot?!) for London’s largest ice-rink alone.
Anyways – It’s free to get in and is open until January 3rd, 10am – 10pm.


Fancy Rewinding to the 80’s?

24 11 2009

Over the summer i took my narrow boat on a journey of discovery to Henley-on-Thames. Not just an idle jaunt, it was in fact to visit the 80’s Rewind Festival with a couple of friends.

I can honestly say it was one of the best festival i’ve been to – and i’ve been to Glastonbury, V, Phoenix, Isle of Wight, Secret Garden, White Air, Guildford (okay – Guildford Festival wasn’t really much competition but you get the gist)

As well as the weather being absolutely glorious and the obvious comfort of mooring my home at the edge of the site – there was also a great atmosphere, no hassles and nearly everyone made an attempt to dress in an 80’s vibe.

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Shop in a box? Hmmmv…

7 11 2009

Situated opposite Starbucks, at Liverpool Street station, are four polished words – ‘Shop in a box’. Now i’m all for a convenient vending machine – i ADORE the Japanese alcohol dispensers and Amsterdam’s croquette machines – but somehow ‘Shop in a box’ doesn’t fill me with glee.

HMV SHop in a Box at Liverpool Street

Maybe it’s because i associate ‘shopping’ with fun and human interaction? (even if it is shoulder barging the queue-pushers at Primark in Ealing)…

But anyway – always one to try something new – i thought i’d attempt a purchase at the coffins of retail.  Apart from feeling EXTREMELY conspicuous – the first issue i had was whether i was registered.  What?!  I’ve got to type in my personal details with someone watching over me behind a Caramel Macchiato?  I think not…
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Blitz Bitz Bigtime Hitz

4 10 2009

Hair crop

The other week i had an audition for the part of a 1940’s newsreader/presenter. In order to get into character it was suggested that we bring along a 1940’s style outfit – maybe a blouse and skirt or a wartime uniform – so the producers could really see what we’d look like as the part.

Well. Not being one to do things by half – i really got into character! I bought an original 1940’s dress from Rokit in Covent Garden. I had my hair done in a FANTASTIC 1940’s style by Natasha at Lipstick & Curls AND she also did my make-up AMAZINGLY!
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Sneaky snapshots

11 09 2009

I finally got up close and personal with Patrick Blanc’s creations – firstly the vertical garden at The Driver and then the Mur-Vegetal at The Athenaeum!
I’ve taken some great close-up pics of the plants and structure and hope it helps all you aspiring vertical gardeners…

cab and men square Athenaeum side athenaeum square

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I’ll have my pizza raw thanks!

7 09 2009

Kneading by cesarastudillo Flickr CC

Getting pizza delivered to your front door is a quick and tasty way to save on the washing up.  Although possibly filling – it’s not particularly fulfilling – unlike preparing a meal for your friends/family.

Enter “Clever Wally’s” –  a new concept in pizza delivery.

You choose your pizza, call them up and then set the oven to 220°C…
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What is Hotspotting?

13 08 2009

EBoy London
Greetings!  Thanks for stopping by and get ready to discover all that is Hot in the city of London, England.  

Hotspotting is a must-read for trendspotters / trend hunters, coolhunters and anyone else interested in the trends and fads directly affecting London.

The word Hotspotting is essentially a catch-all term to include trend-spotting / trend hunting, cool hunting and culture surfing.

Look below for the latest Hotspots.  Or click on a category.  Or watch some videos.  Or read on for more Hotspotting info…

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