Narrowboats rock!

3 12 2009

With this year’s flakey economy, and a growing alternative lifestyle movement, the appeal of boat-living seems to be on the increase.

I moved aboard over 3 years ago, at a time when i wanted more independence but within the realms of affordability. The romantic notion of heading off into the sunset, a beer in hand and a Jack Russell at the helm were also mixed up in my vision of a boating future.

This year i’ve been along the Thames, up the River Lee, down the Grand Union and across the Regent’s Canal. I’ve learnt about oil filters, engine mounts and fuel pumps. I’ve got stuck in the mud, driven over my barge pole and waded the canal in ill-fitting Wellingtons.

And with every experience and story – i’ve grown to love it even more (although there are some things i’ll just never learn to love)…

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Floating Theatre – Fous de Bassin

27 06 2009

Canon in 2D - Flickr
I saw the most amazing performance last night – called Fous de Bassin. It was a half hour show, on water, by a French theatre company called Ilotopie. I’ve not seen anything like it but i definitely hope to see more. The video is some highlights of the show, cut to the music by Phil Spectrum which accompanies the actual spectacle.   I filmed some video of the Fous de Bassin in Docklands
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