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24 06 2009

As this blog is about trendspotting in London, i wasn’t planning on writing about websites.  The way i figured was that websites were for the world wide web – not specifically Londoners.  I wanted to shine a light on the things physically taking place in the city, not online.

Unfortunately Twitter and its rapidly evolving usage seems to have changed that!

"A little birdie told me..."

"A little birdie told me..."


With the recent situation in Iran, Twitter appears to have found its role; above and beyond the feather plumping and ego fluffing in the days before.  Keeping abreast of the tweeted Trending Topics is as amusing as it is insightful, but not always totally relevant to us and what we get up to in London.

Step forward Happn.in!


Happy Happn.in

Happy Happn.in


A brilliantly simple, simply brilliant concept.  Happn.in uncovers the 10 most popular things people are tweeting about in 65 different cities and updates the list 4 times a day.

The list for London at present –

  • ugly betty
  • tennis players
  • thorpe park
  • lady gaga
  • sharapova out
  • biggest fan
  • celebrity masterchef
  • current one
  • english homework
  • espn america

What a brilliant way to feel connected to Londinium and my fellow city dwellers – genius!

Happn.in is also good for sticking your nose into other cities and getting their thoughts, my favourites being – 

  • No 5 in Dallas – housewives reunion
  • No 4 in Fresno – hate tomatoes
  • No 3 in Portland – god’s eyes
  • No 2 in Melbourne – acne cat
  • No 1 in Berlin – paris hilton

Choose What You Read

8 05 2009

Earlier this week, outside Liverpool Street, 2 girls and 1 guy were proffering free reading material for the passing commuters.

Granted – nothing new in that – not exactly a HotSpot when you consider how many “free paper” calls you deflect each afternoon on the way to the tube.  But these guys weren’t giving out the London Lite – they were offering books!

Choose What You Read - Liverpool Street

Choose What You Read - Liverpool Street

Proper books – with pages and everything!  Free!  A little present to read on your way home – and when you’re finished – to return to them to be read by someone else on their journey homeward! 

CWYR is the – “reaction to the tonnes of free newspapers dished out and thrown away every day.”

With their books stacked high in wheelie bags, these culture monkeys rock up to a London station, lay out the goods and wait for passers-by to pick one up.  

It’s a traveling library with no late fees, losable membership cards or dusty librarians!  
Admittedly there’s a smaller selection of books – but with a drop-off box at the Curzon Soho and more planned for the future – i can see CWYR really taking off – especially as there’s a growing band of Londoners beginning to rally against the freepapers thrust upon them each day.

If you don’t wish to partake in the freepaper celeb-fest and shoulder the burden of recycling their waste – Choose What You Read.

They’ve currently set-up libraries at Liverpool Street, Westminster, Waterloo, Euston and Paddington. 




We ♡ books!♡ people who♡ books!