Pepsi Raw

23 06 2009

For someone who likes to simultaneously keep an ear to the ground and an eye on the ball – it’s sometimes possible to miss a few things (and get a stiff neck).

Yesterday is the first time i’d ever heard of Pepsi Raw.

4 brown bottles hanging on a wall

4 brown bottles hanging on a wall

I was ordering a drink at Brown’s on West India Quay and saw the Pepsi Raw logo and description printed in the menu –

pepsi raw menu browns

“made from lightly sparkling water and ingredients from natural sources, to create a delicious and distinctive tasting, premium cola “

I was intrigued (but not quite enough to steer me away from my already chosen ‘happy hour’ cocktail – which i drank happily for an hour, but was then charged at non-happy hour prices, making me distinctly unhappy…)


So – having not come across Pepsi Raw since its release LAST YEAR, imagine how bizarre it was when an hour later in the Tesco Metro on Commercial Road, i spy cans of the stuff in the fridge! (And so i bought one – and it tasted nice – not amazing – but still nice)

Anyways – the point is – I think this is quite a savvy move on the part of Pepsico.

In the alcoholic drink’s trade you have ‘premium’ spirits and fine wines. Even with water (the most basic of all drinks) you have luxury brands but i’ve never really seen a premium fizzy drink – possibly because the very image of fizzy drinks is artificial colours, plastic bottles and kids.

With Raw however, it seems things may be changing.  Pepsi are actively tapping into the consumer desire for healthy, real ingredients and also in this time of the credit crunch, it’s all about the little luxuries – the ones we can afford but still feel decadent whilst doing so.

What does the word Raw connote to me?

  • Raw = Fresh vegetables, macrobiotic diets and Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Raw = Raw cane sugar (which i think is actually one of the ingredients replacing corn syrup)
  • Raw = New, unmoulded talent
  • Raw = Meat (I doubt what Pepsi were hoping for but its strong in my mind)

Bruno Gruwez, Pepsi’s Marketing Director was quoted in a Metro article as saying –

“By launching Pepsi Raw in bars and clubs, we hope to engage with customers in a new way and are confident that they will enjoy its sophisticated cola taste.”

If i’m anything to go by, i think that marketing strategy works….

And so i’m curious –

Give me some feedback on the poll and feel free to comment on what ‘RAW’ means to you…

Still my favourite kinda raw

My favourite kinda raw