Marble Arch is the Gate to Hell

14 02 2010

Happy Valentine’s day Hotspotters! Let’s celebrate with some fiery passion – check out this HOT building projection which took place in London this week…

I really like it when the projections are truly integrated with the building and i hope London gets to see many more.

I’ve yet to see a projection in person but saw this video a few months ago and it blew my mind…

Bompas & Parr’s – Architectural Punchbowl

4 12 2009

Next week in London is a 3-day extravaganza that is going to be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
How do you fancy seeing an entire room being flooded with punch?! Even better – you get to drink said punch and even float across it on a giant slice of orange peel!


The guys behind it are Sam Bompas and Harry Parr – better known as Bompas & Parr – Jellymongers and there are still tickets available for Wednesday 9th December.

The video (produced by yours truly) gives only a hint of what to expect…


Moonwalk Flashmob – Liverpool Street

28 06 2009

A flashmob descended upon Liverpool Street on Friday evening for a pre-arranged moonwalk, en masse. Organized through the usual social networking channels – most notably Twitter – the message was simple –

“Right. It’s on. There will be a mass moonwalk at 6pm tonight at Liverpool Street station.”

With no further information needed, I, along with a significant percentage of London’s social media savvy population, headed to the station.

Arriving with a few minutes to spare, it was enough time to suss out the best spot for documenting the event.
With a heavy police presence and an unusually high volume of ‘commuters’ (eagerly gripping their mobile phones) if you weren’t in on the plan – you definitely knew that something was different…

Tannoy messages began to address the crowd –
“If you have just arrived at the station for the Michael Jackson Moonwalk event scheduled for eighteen hundred hours, please make your way outside onto Liverpool Street outside the McDonalds where it will now be taking place.”

Confusion is placed in our minds –
“Is it a bluff?”

“Are they trying to disperse us?”

“Will it actually end up happening in here and then we’ll have gone outside and missed it?”


Anyways. We headed for the escalator at 17:59 and 30 seconds, hoping to get a rising aerial shot of the concourse.

17:59 and 50 seconds– on the escalator – camera is on.

18:00 –

Top of the escalators and it all seems to be happening outside…

What’s happening exactly though isn’t a moonwalk – it’s people with cameras waiting to take pictures of a moonwalk. Everywhere you turn is someone looking expectantly, holding a cameraphone aloft. If they haven’t got a camera phone, they’ve got a camera, if they haven’t got a camera they’re on the phone, if they’re not with either of those – they have a video camera, and not just a little handycam – huge broadcast quality Z1s et al.

After 20 minutes, of taking pictures of people taking pictures, i’m ready to leave when suddenly a speaker system bursts into life and a man begins to speak.

After he speaks, the Michael Jackson music begins.


Nobody really does anything. People take photos of… people doing nothing.


It reminded me of the recent Liverpool Street ‘riots’ where a media mob descended on just one person attempting to smash in a window. Desperate for something to film, with nothing really going on.

For me the most interesting thing is the lure of this event, not for people to be involved in the actual moonwalk, but to be involved just as an observer.

Is this the death of the Flashmob? Surely the point of them is to be unexpected? A brief, bizarre interlude, in the otherwise predictable routine of someone’s day. It all becomes a bit ‘pop will eat itself’ when it’s mass-marketed and pre-publicized to the gawkers. (and maybe even a little in bad taste when you consider the reason for the gathering was someone’s death?)

I like Flashmobs – but i think they need to go back underground, maybe even on the Underground again – a la the circle line party. [Click here for the Circle Line party flashmob video]

I honestly didn’t see anyone moonwalk on that Friday evening. But I did spot a very cute dog, so i guess it was worth it…

I’m being stalked by Pepsi Raw

24 06 2009

Ok – i realise Pepsi are on a marketing push for their new product Pepsi Raw – but it’s beginning to freak me out.

Monday was the menu sighting and the Tesco Metro.  Today’s was a little more surreal…

This afternoon, i’m happily minding my own business, wandering down the steps to Tottenham Court Rd tube, when i look up and what do i see, seated deliberately and serenely? –  An open mini can of Pepsi Raw, just sitting innocently on the wall, quite out of context.

I feel like Number 6 in my very own private episode of The Prisoner – where the giant balloons have been replaced with mini cans of Pepsi Raw.

Have you noticed them yet?

Pepsi Raw

23 06 2009

For someone who likes to simultaneously keep an ear to the ground and an eye on the ball – it’s sometimes possible to miss a few things (and get a stiff neck).

Yesterday is the first time i’d ever heard of Pepsi Raw.

4 brown bottles hanging on a wall

4 brown bottles hanging on a wall

I was ordering a drink at Brown’s on West India Quay and saw the Pepsi Raw logo and description printed in the menu –

pepsi raw menu browns

“made from lightly sparkling water and ingredients from natural sources, to create a delicious and distinctive tasting, premium cola “

I was intrigued (but not quite enough to steer me away from my already chosen ‘happy hour’ cocktail – which i drank happily for an hour, but was then charged at non-happy hour prices, making me distinctly unhappy…)


So – having not come across Pepsi Raw since its release LAST YEAR, imagine how bizarre it was when an hour later in the Tesco Metro on Commercial Road, i spy cans of the stuff in the fridge! (And so i bought one – and it tasted nice – not amazing – but still nice)

Anyways – the point is – I think this is quite a savvy move on the part of Pepsico.

In the alcoholic drink’s trade you have ‘premium’ spirits and fine wines. Even with water (the most basic of all drinks) you have luxury brands but i’ve never really seen a premium fizzy drink – possibly because the very image of fizzy drinks is artificial colours, plastic bottles and kids.

With Raw however, it seems things may be changing.  Pepsi are actively tapping into the consumer desire for healthy, real ingredients and also in this time of the credit crunch, it’s all about the little luxuries – the ones we can afford but still feel decadent whilst doing so.

What does the word Raw connote to me?

  • Raw = Fresh vegetables, macrobiotic diets and Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Raw = Raw cane sugar (which i think is actually one of the ingredients replacing corn syrup)
  • Raw = New, unmoulded talent
  • Raw = Meat (I doubt what Pepsi were hoping for but its strong in my mind)

Bruno Gruwez, Pepsi’s Marketing Director was quoted in a Metro article as saying –

“By launching Pepsi Raw in bars and clubs, we hope to engage with customers in a new way and are confident that they will enjoy its sophisticated cola taste.”

If i’m anything to go by, i think that marketing strategy works….

And so i’m curious –

Give me some feedback on the poll and feel free to comment on what ‘RAW’ means to you…

Still my favourite kinda raw

My favourite kinda raw