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Greetings! Thanks for stopping by and get ready to discover all that is Hot in the city of London, England.

Hotspotting is a must-read for trendspotters / trend hunters, coolhunters and anyone else interested in the trends and fads directly affecting London.

The word Hotspotting is essentially a catch-all term to include trend-spotting / trend hunting, cool hunting and culture surfing.

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What is Trendspotting?

“The never-ending search for what will be popular. By searching and paying attention to current trends, you have the ability to predict, with sound reasoning, what will come next and what will last.

Trends are the seismic shifts in popular perception that build over time and continue in a common direction.”

What is Coolhunting?

“Similar to Trendspotting – but on a tighter timescale. Coolhunting is quicker, less general and more subjective. Coolhunting is a gut feeling about something new, something different, something adopted early on by the innovators and the individuals. More commonly linked to fashion – because of fashions own tendency to re-create and re-interpret in a short time span. Coolhunting is the ability to identify what’s ‘cool’ and then broadcast it to the masses – at which point that which was ‘cool’ becomes distinctly ‘un-cool.’ Therefore the role of the Coolhunter, like the Trendspotter, is never-ending.

What is Culture Surfing?

“This is the way of describing a brief dalliance with a particular scene or movement. One can choose to define themselves solely as Punk or Preppy – depending on how they dress. You can be a Footballer or a Tree-hugger depending on how you spend your weekend. Or a Writer or Chef depending on how you earn your money.

But isn’t it more fun to be defined not by one thing – but by many? And why should you commit to one thing, forever – why not flirt with lots of scenes? Culture Surfing is interacting with different people and broadening your own horizons by checking out something niche.

And it’s what i do best.”

Are you a Trendspotter, Coolhunter or Culture Surfer?

The aim of Hotspotting is to bring together as many trends and hotspots from the fantastic city of London. If you would like to suggest something in particular or become a regular Hotspot blogger – get in touch! The more the merrier.

Start Hotspotting!

So what are you waiting for?

Look below for the latest Hotspots. Or click on a category. Or watch some videos.

Lots of Hot love,

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