My boots and the UK economy

29 01 2010

The 3six5 project is collating daily blog entries from writers all over the world. Each day a different person gives a unique perspective on what’s happening in their own space, but within a global news context.

I was the voice of January 28th 2009…

I have a hole in my boot.
Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but this afternoon it’s been raining and I’ve had a lot to think about…

You may wonder why my boot is so relevant? I questioned its inclusion. But – my boot is an analogy for the UK economy. Not only is my boot a marker of my country’s financial upheaval, it also fits well into the happenings of my day…

This afternoon I had to interview two groups of people about fashion and shopping for research.

My first group consisted of three sixty-something ladies. All retired and two were wearing animal prints. This would be a benign observation were it not for the fact I’d chosen to wear a leopard-print dress with the boots this morning.

The second group was four girls. We talked about clothes, shops and who goes where. The oldest declared that one particular store was only good for underwear, tights and her mum. Interesting note. My own leopard-print dress was purchased at that particular store…

So what does this mean? I have the same taste and fashion influences as a woman over twice my age? I’m beginning to worry.

I’ve actually been worrying for a while. It’s a little known fact that I spent my 30th birthday alone, wandering around a mall searching out expensive eye cream. In 2009 I had Botox and in 2010 i’m considering getting more (along with laser teeth). My ex-boyfriend (a Kiwi) reckons all British girls plan to marry 30. I wasn’t aware I’d been making this plan but something recently clicked in my brain – must look good, must be a catch, must invest in good footwear…

Fast-forward to 2010 and I’ve realized they were a false economy. The plastic peeled, the heels wore away and here I was with damp toes, scouring the high street. I looked at boots for young people, boots for old people and boots for someone in-between.

For the first time in 2 years my bank balance is in the black and in the week it’s announced the UK is FINALLY out of recession.

I want to buy some new boots. I want to buy expensive boots



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