Fancy Rewinding to the 80’s?

24 11 2009

Over the summer i took my narrow boat on a journey of discovery to Henley-on-Thames. Not just an idle jaunt, it was in fact to visit the 80’s Rewind Festival with a couple of friends.

I can honestly say it was one of the best festival i’ve been to – and i’ve been to Glastonbury, V, Phoenix, Isle of Wight, Secret Garden, White Air, Guildford (okay – Guildford Festival wasn’t really much competition but you get the gist)

As well as the weather being absolutely glorious and the obvious comfort of mooring my home at the edge of the site – there was also a great atmosphere, no hassles and nearly everyone made an attempt to dress in an 80’s vibe.

I’ve personally always been a fan of fancy dress (i’ve dressed in school uniform for important work meetings as it’s the only time in my life i ever felt properly smart) but in general – more and more people are loving the whole notion of dressing up.

I guess School Disco started it way back when, but this year has seen a wardrobe full of themed events really hitting the headlines – White Wedding (promoted by my lovely friend George Francis), the ‘Oh My God! I Miss You’ crew (of which a roller derby buddy Becky Forknall is part of) and most recently PornDwarf (birthed by one of the Mini Cinema founders Hannah Linnen).

Maybe it’s something to do with escaping reality? or recapturing our youth? Or is it simply that the London scene has been a bit too serious in recent years – and now girls (and boys) just wanna have fun?

See you dwarves at the wedding!




2 responses

28 11 2009

Haha, love the video. I agree with the last guy you interviewed.. the best thing about the 80’s is that it’s over.

29 11 2009

:) Thanks.

Although you have to admit – some of the music was actually really good – i’m not talking Rick Astley – but the Stranglers, New Order… Iconic tunes.

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