Blitz Bitz Bigtime Hitz

4 10 2009

Hair crop

The other week i had an audition for the part of a 1940’s newsreader/presenter. In order to get into character it was suggested that we bring along a 1940’s style outfit – maybe a blouse and skirt or a wartime uniform – so the producers could really see what we’d look like as the part.

Well. Not being one to do things by half – i really got into character! I bought an original 1940’s dress from Rokit in Covent Garden. I had my hair done in a FANTASTIC 1940’s style by Natasha at Lipstick & Curls AND she also did my make-up AMAZINGLY!

I’d decided that once my hair and make-up was done it would make sense to also complete the look with the clothing – rather than travel to the audition half-done. It was the best decision! Anyone that knows me knows i’m not one to shy away from an attention-grabbing outfit and boy, was this the outfit to get noticed in!

Natalie Barrass 1940's stylee
I had complements from strangers, old ladies exclaiming how lovely i looked and men double-taking as i passed them in the street! Even when i’ve worn the craziest of punk outfits – complete with bright red fur boots and matching hair – i have never provoked such a strong reaction.

And being someone who likes to keep a good thing going – after the audition i hit Soho House and the Groucho Club with the girls…

Happy days.

I’m now looking to keep up the 1940’s glamour and have already bought a fur (fake) shawl and a set of curlers! There are a number of events that take place across the capital with a 1940’s/50’s vibe – complete with Swing and Lindy Hop dancing. Natasha from Lipstick and Curls is actually a pro Lindy Hopper and is competing for the “Swing for the Crown 2009” – the UK’s premier Lindy Hop event. Her and her dance partner are through to the 2nd heat which takes place tomorrow (5th October). I’ll keep tabs on that and also update this post with any events on a 1940’s / 50’s theme that take place in London.

Hope to see you there!




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