I’ll have my pizza raw thanks!

7 09 2009

Kneading by cesarastudillo Flickr CC

Getting pizza delivered to your front door is a quick and tasty way to save on the washing up.  Although possibly filling – it’s not particularly fulfilling – unlike preparing a meal for your friends/family.

Enter “Clever Wally’s” –  a new concept in pizza delivery.

You choose your pizza, call them up and then set the oven to 220°C…

Clever Wally's order

Clever Wally’s is all about RAW pizza! The pizza arrives at your address and it’s down to you to cook it!

Reading the instructions

The instructions are pretty simple (just stick it in the oven)

That being said – some flavours require you add your own imagination and flair by artistically arranging the prosciutto and garnishing with the rocket (all items supplied)

Separate pizza ingredients

I LOVE Clever Wally’s.  The flavours are tasty, the ingredients fresh and you can even cook your own dessert in the form of seperate cookie dough balls – double yum!

They are currently only in Chiswick (West London) but they do deliver and they are receiving rave reviews – so we can only hope they earn so much ‘dough’ rolling this concept country-wide that everyone gets a ‘pizza’ the action!

Check out the menu for Clever Wally’s and give them a call!

Clever Wally's ,emu




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