*VIDEO* – Roller Derby – Roll Britannia

24 07 2009

terrencemcnally - flickr

Hey hey!  Last weekend was Roll Britannia. There was lots of Derby love (along with a few bumps and bruises) and of course, a man dressed as banana.

Roll Britannia is the FIRST European Roller Derby tournament.

In all, 12 teams took part from across England, Scotland and Germany.  Out of the 12, 4 made it through to the Sunday finals and they were – 

The semi-final scores on Sunday were – 

123 Brummie Bombshells (BBDD)
109 Twisted Thistles (ARRG)

11 Irn Bruisers
225 London Brawling (LRG)
Which meant that The Brummie Bombshells were to take on London Brawling, the premier team of the London Rollergirls…

The video includes great hits, heavy falls and (as i said earlier) a man dressed as a banana.
It also has an AMAZING soundtrack which is bound to get you off your seat and onto your skates!

Flàшэd Саряi (aka HºtИât)


The 12 leagues that took part –

Photo of Roller Derby skates by terrencemcnally on flickr.com CC 2.0

Music in the video is ‘La Bamba‘ remixed by Moe Train Creative Commons – Moe Train / CC BY 2.5




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