New Rubicon – Watermelon flavour!

12 07 2009

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I LOVE Rubicon drinks. They’re brilliantly sweet and sickly and refreshing and fruity and basically just yum.
I live in a mostly Indian part of London and Rubicon seems to be sold in all the shops, restaurants and take-aways.
A few years back, desperate to find out if others shared my love of Rubicon, i had a look on Facebook and joined the Rubicon Appreciation group [click here to find it]
This is an unofficial page but the smart guys at Rubicon were using it to communicate with their fans and asked for taste-testers.
I signed up and now once in a while i’m sent a new product to try and give my feedback on – BRILLIANT!

The latest flavour from Rubicon

The latest flavour from Rubicon

Yesterday i received the new Watermelon flavour in the post – It’s really tasty! Extremely fruity and refreshing, not at all thick or lumpy. The only downside is it contains sugar. I generally drink Rubicon mixed with vodka though – so i guess the sugar should probably be the least of my worries!

Along with the drink i got a short questionnaire to fill in (with a free Rubicon pen!)
I made my thoughts known and placed the questionnaire in the pre-paid envelope. Unfortunately, in the haste to send out the free samples, somebody had forgotten to write the return address on the envelope! Oops.

So Rubicon – if you’re reading this – I love the new flavour – just try a bit less sugar (and writing the address on your envelopes) and then we’re onto a guaranteed winner!!

What do you think? Have you tried the Watermelon yet?





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