MP’s Expenses Blackout

26 06 2009

If you live In London (or have just a passing knowledge of the UK) you can’t have failed to have picked up on the furore over MP’s and their expenses.

With Tony Blair having his paperwork handily shredded (in the midst of legal wrangle over whether they should be made public) and copies of other high ranking minister’s expense sheets released in the newspapers – with vital bits blacked through –

it’s fair to say that the Great British public are a tad ****** off with the whole ***** ****-**.

The visual imagery of the blacked out words and figures seems to have entered our psyche pretty quickly.

The Metro this week had a classic advert for Tourism South Australia with a blacked out expenses claim form, detailing a trip to Kangaroo Island.

What's that Skippy?

What's that Skippy?

Specsavers have run an advert on the similar theme –



And today above BikBok on Oxford Street I saw this –

Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks




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