19 05 2009

So the other day a lovely person from Streetcar called me to say –

“Hey, hope you’re enjoying our service, can we give you £10 worth of driving?”
“Thanks” i say, “I’ll take you up on that.”
And so this morning i did…

streetcar logo

I think Streetcar is totally brilliant! It makes something usually so hassleful – ie hiring a car – into something totally seamless.
Joining is a breeze. You don’t need to send bits of paper, prove where you live or sign on the dotted line.

  • You just call them up
  • Talk to a human being
  • Have a 3-way conversation with the DVLA
  • Tell them your bank details (Streetcar, not the DVLA)
  • Wait for your smartcard key to be delivered

If you want to drive one of the cars before that – it’s not a problem. You just book your car (either online or over the phone), turn up and then call them so they can unlock it remotely. Once inside – open the glove box and there’s your key!

The VW Golfs are £5.95 an hour and you can also hire a Streetvan for £8.95 an hour.
They do special deals on the cars – recently you could get one from Monday-Friday for £99.

Extra info –

  • You don’t pay for petrol (after 30 miles per day you are charged 23p per mile)
  • If you need to fill up you pay with a special card they send you
  • If you drive through the C-Charge zone they just add it onto your bill

The best bits –

  • You can plug your MP3 player into the stereo
  • The car has its own telephone number so people can get in touch with you whilst you’re out driving!!
  • Streetcar will reimburse you up to £7.50 if you take the car to be cleaned AND give you an hours free driving!
  • AND when i called them this afternoon a friend of mine actually answered the phone! You can’t get much better service than that…
    Exactly what i think!  I wanna be in their advert...

    Exactly what i think! I wanna be in their advert...







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10 08 2009
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