Hama Beads

12 05 2009

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With the economy in freefall and the future looking bleak – it’s no surprise that people are going back to a time of simpler pleasures.

Hama Beads are small plastic beads that you arrange into a particular design.  Once happy with said design – you then run a hot iron over them which sticks the beads together.  After that you then have your plastic design which you can wear round your neck, on a keychain – wherever.  In itself it doesn’t sound that exciting – but people are getting really excited by these plastic, pixel-thingys. Have a look at some great Hama Bead designs that are available to buy.



Sonic the HamaHog

A friend of mine – BBC radio presenter Ayesha Asantewaa – launched her own line of bespoke Hama Bead design on Facebook last year.  Inspired by retro and cartoon-style graphics, she now has a thriving business with a loyal customer base.  She has her own website – www.purpleturtlebeads.com with a fab collection of Pac-mans to Pikachus.  As well as selling online, she also has a market stall at the deeply fashionable Sunday UpMarket at the Truman Brewery in East London.



 From something that started as a personal creative outlet – to a fully functioning business – Ayesha’s skill is not only in the super cute and kooky designs but in keeping a personal connection with her customers.

We all love something bespoke.  We all want something a little bit different and more and more we want a human connection – not a faceless corporation. 

Powerpuff Hama stylee

Powerpuff Hama stylee

By building her brand on  Facebook – selling directly to her friends, Ayesha then continued that personal connection through her website with comment boxes and a blog link.

The next level of ‘Customerization’ – I call this ‘Bespoken To’ and i can see it becoming BIG business – and not just in London. 


Ham Beads™

Ham Beads™






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17 03 2010

Natalie thank you! ive only JUST seen this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! completely by accident! :D thanks hun!!

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