A++ Student Accommodation

9 05 2009
When i was a student, i had to live in Catford for 6 months.  Our house was a three storey monstrosity with foam wallpaper, dead mice and a man living in the dining room.

This morning (in the Metro) i saw that students nowadays get a much better deal when it comes to accommodation.  With more (older) people deciding to retrain, it seems that student housing has had to up its game.

It's got a window and everything!

It's got a window and everything!

This is one of the bespoke rooms offered by Hive Residencies.  They are opening their doors later this year in Hoxton and Bethnal Green, with plans for Shoreditch, Southbank and Tower Hill over the next few years.

As well as built in appliances, flatscreens and on-trend furnishings, rent also includes landscaped gardens, utility bills, broadband AND a free folding bike!

Rents start at £210 per week – which does sound a bit steep if you’re a student – but it does mean zone 1 living and guaranteed parties!

<HºtИât – consulting the HotCourses guide for London as she types>








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