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13 08 2009

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‘Dead’ good Afternoon De-Light at the Met Bar

27 10 2010

Afternoon tea is all about cucumber sandwiches (with the crusts cut off), a warm pot of tea and a nice scone and jam.



At least at the Met Bar it’s wrong. Very wrong. Because in honour of Halloween and the Mexican Day of the Dead (on November 2nd), they’ve put together a very different menu to their usual Afternoon De-Light (which, thankfully, doesn’t consist of cucumber sandwiches either).

Cocoa nib chocolate cupcakes topped with sugar skull decorations sit next to coffin shaped chilli-chocolate mud pies and traditional Mexican tea cakes filled with dark cherries. And let’s not forget the gorgeously gory-looking vanilla and strawberry cupcakes with pink icing and strawberry sauce bleeding over the edge.

If all this sounds scarily unhealthy – fear not – for the Met Bar prides itself on its afternoon tea being the exact opposite.

Their famous famous no-bread sandwich pots have been re-vamp-ired for the spooky season with Mexican themed fillings, including a jalapeno foam, crayfish and tequila jelly, and chicken fajita with sour cream and re-fried bean mousse.

Each element is a gorgeous, kooky work of art – so it almost seems a shame to take a great big bite out of it.

Well, i did say almost…

[nom nom nom]

Happy Halloween or Dia de los Meurtos peeps

Day of the Dead De-Light afternoon tea is taking place at the Met Bar (19 Old Park Lane) until the 2nd of November.
Reservations to be made in advance – 020 7447 4757. £25 per person.

London Underground is overground in India!

25 07 2010

This year i’ve been lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling with my work: The Middle East, Europe and Asia in the last few months.
Imagine my surprise when in Mumbai recently (approximately 4477 miles away from London) and i saw a familiar looking logo at the train stations…

I found the above picture on saralhahn’s Flickr page (as i didn’t personally have time to whip my camera out in the back of the cramped taxi) and whilst searching through the site for more examples – i learnt a bit of the history of the logo thanks to Greenwood100…

Intrigued further by the history of this ubiquitous signage, i then found an article on the London Transport Museum’s website about the history of the London Underground logo

It seems that despite going through a few design tweaks – the red background and blue bar has endured. I wonder how it will develop in another 100 years from now and whether it’ll still be the same in India?

Phenomenal 360° Virtual Tours

13 03 2010

At the the end of last year i was involved in filming the Bompas & Parr Architectural Punchbowl at 33 Portland Place. (In fact i even wrote a blog post about it)…

Although i’m obviously a fan of video for capturing a moment and place in time – i was totally blown away by this 360° virtual tour featured on the Bompas & Parr website.

It was created by Will Pearson at Eyerevolution, a Crouch End-based company with an AMAZING portfolio of 360° tours.

Now virtual tours are nothing new but the sharpness and smoothness of their work has blown me away.

The above video doesn’t really do it justice – i couldn’t figure out how to embed the actual Flash Panorama Player and the frame rate on Snapz wasn’t quick enough to show the true smoothness.

Excuses excuses… ;)

So to get the true effect – check out Eyerevolution’s other London-based (and not so local) venues in their portfolio on their website.

The Architectural Punchbowl 360° vitual tour can be seen on the Bompas & Parr website.

Marble Arch is the Gate to Hell

14 02 2010

Happy Valentine’s day Hotspotters! Let’s celebrate with some fiery passion – check out this HOT building projection which took place in London this week…

I really like it when the projections are truly integrated with the building and i hope London gets to see many more.

I’ve yet to see a projection in person but saw this video a few months ago and it blew my mind…

My boots and the UK economy

29 01 2010

The 3six5 project is collating daily blog entries from writers all over the world. Each day a different person gives a unique perspective on what’s happening in their own space, but within a global news context.

I was the voice of January 28th 2009…

I have a hole in my boot.
Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but this afternoon it’s been raining and I’ve had a lot to think about…
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